Submission Guidelines & Rules-

We urge each and every submitter to go through the following guidelines and the Rules  very carefully.

1. Submit only original work. However, you may use any copyrighted music/score but with due credits and the same needs to communicated to us.

2. You may submit multiple films/scripts at one go and in more than one category.

3. There is no production year limit/restriction whatsoever.

4. We don't encourage submission of any work that stokes hatred towards any gender, race, cast, creed, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, atheism and or any other belief system, any ethnicity, any minority community . Any such submission shall be disqualified.

5. You should be able to vouch for the fact that no animals were harmed during the shooting if they have been a part of your film.

6. All submissions have to be in English or have to contain English subtitles embedded in the file you are submitting.

7. We accept submissions through FilmFreeway only.

8. We send email notifications via FilmFreeway and other suitable platforms to keep you updated of your work's selection status, results, offers, etc.

9. The results shall be declared on our website within 24 hours of the Notification date as mentioned in FilmFreeway.

10. You shall receive the laurel within 24 hours of the Notification date as mentioned in FilmFreeway.

11. The Digital Certificates shall be emailed to you within 48 hours of the Notification date as mentioned in FilmFreeway.

12. We encourage submitters to talk about their work, whether script or film(s) and share the videos with us so that we promote your work digitally though our social channels.

13. Do not ask us for a complete waiver as we utilize every bit of the submission fee you pay to create marketing collateral; promotion; paying honorarium to our jury; and other administrative costs. However, from time to time, we send out discount codes and other exciting offers to a batch of filmmakers who are deserving.

14. All decisions regarding selection/disqualification/awards  are taken by the management committee of the Redwood Shorts and Scripts based on the decision of jury are final cannot be contested.

15. We provide a free micro review of your work if it is a title winner and promote the same through our social channels and website.

16. We provide cash prize of $50 USD each to the winner in these three categories  - Best Short Film, Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay. 

17. Title winners, if they provide permission, their work shall be virtually screened [one time] to our wide range of audience through suitable medium such as Facebook Watch Party, etc.


Best One Minute Fiction

Best Short Film

Best Feature Film

Best Screenplay

Best Zero Dialogue Film

Best Noir Short

Best Noir Feature

Best Drama Short

Best Drama Feature

Best Horror Short

Best Horror Feature

Best Thriller Short

Best Thriller Feature

Best Documentary Short

Best Documentary Feature

Best Student Documentary

Best LGBTQI Short

Best LGBTQI Feature

Best Romantic Short

Best Romantic Feature

Best Comedy Short

Best Comedy Feature

Best Animation

Best Student Animation

Best Debut Film

Best Student Film

Best Director

Best Student Director

Best Foreign Film

Best Regional Film

Best Sound Design

Best Editing

Best Special Effects

Best Feature Script

Best Short Script

Best Producer

Best Student Producer


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